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Shut That Mutt

Got a problem with barking dogs? Shut 'em up with this high powered screamer. It gives an ultrasonic blast that only they can hear.

By Branko Justic


Never place your ears (or anyone elses!) near tweeters when this device is operating, even ultrsonically. The sound output is high enough to cause damage.
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Let’s face it, barking dogs can make life a misery. And as luck will have it, the people who own barking dogs seldom have enough consideration to anything about it.

This Dog Silencer lets you do something about it. And you can solve the problem without your neighbours ever having to know that you have acted.

This updated version of the Dog Silencer, first published in July 1999, incorporates a microphone to sense the dog’s barking. It then triggers a 2-second ultrasonic warbling blast that will quickly teach most dogs to keep a low profile.

If you don’t want to use the microphone facility, the Dog Silencer also has a pushbutton to allow you to trigger the ultrasonic blast at will.

Because the sound will be in the range of 20-32kHz, humans cannot hear it but most dogs can.

Of course, we don’t claim that the Dog Silencer will be effective on all dogs. Ideally, the Dog Silencer should be within 20 metres of the offending canine to be most effective.

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