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ESR Meter Mk.2

The easy way to identify faulty electros


Even if the ESR Meter’s operation seems complicated, at least it’s easy to build. As you can see in the photos, all the components except for the battery holder, test sockets and the pushbutton switch are mounted on a single PC board. This in turn is attached to the front panel using spacers and machine screws.

The very first thing to do is glue the display window to the inside of the front panel, using a few drops of an adhesive such as contact cement around its edges. This can then be put aside to dry while you assemble the PC board.

Although a high-quality, solder-masked PC board is supplied, it’s still wise to check it for defects. To do this, illuminate the component side with a bright light and examine the copper side very carefully – preferably with a magnifier – for any hairline fractures in the tracks. Check also for any solder "whiskers" or bridges and pay particular attention to any tracks which pass between IC socket pads, where such defects tend to congregate and hide.

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