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Redback 8-channel

Looking for a good quality 8-channel mixer? Take a look at the Redback A4425 from Altronics.

By Ross Tester

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The rear panel is pretty busy with eight XLR/RCA inputs, outputs and DIP switch input selectors.

Altronic Distributors recently submitted one of their "Redback" brand professional quality mixers for evaluation and review.

First impressions are important – and the Redback mixer certainly makes a good first impression. It is a very smart looking unit, mounted in a black 1-unit rack-mounting case, around 150mm deep.

On the front panel are the eight individual channel level controls, a master level control, a five-LED "VU" meter, power and signal LEDs, headphone socket and power switch.

We were rather pleased to see traditional (rotary) pots used for the level controls. Common practice in many (most?) mixers these days is to use slider pots. That’s fine if the mixer is always used in a controlled (ie, inside, air-conditioned) environment. But if you don’t - you take the mixer on the road, or to "events" - the chances are that slider pots will become noisy much quicker than rotary pots. A small point, perhaps – but one that experience has taught us is important!

Above each channel level control is a pair of screwdriver-adjustable treble and bass controls giving +/-10dB and 10kHz and 100Hz boost and gain. Clever move, making them relatively tamper resistant: in the majority of cases, you’d want the tone controls to be "set and forget", without the possibility of "knob twiddlers" changing your settings.

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