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Review: Adilam RFID evaluation kit

Radio frequency identificationis fast becomimg the standard for many tracking and identification tasks. Here's a low cost way to get started.

By Peter Smith

RFID tagging is already commonplace in Australia. "Drive-through" transponders for the tollway, micro-chipped pets and car immobiliser keys are just a few examples. Soon, if you travel on public transport in NSW, you might be using a credit-card style RFID "ticket".

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Fig.1: received tag ID codes are transmitted in ASCII format via the on-board serial interface - you simply connect the board to a PC running serial terminal software to see the received codes. Note that several characters are added to each 40-bit code string for housekeeping. A complete description of the ASCII format is provided with the kit.

In other parts of the world, RFID is being used from everything from vehicle tyre identification, library book and DVD checkout, electronic purses, automated petrol purchases to school student tracking.

Developers looking to take advantage of this technology can now do so at a very affordable price with help from Adilam Electronics. Adilam have just announced an ultra-low cost RFID evaluation kit suitable for demonstrating and evaluating many different styles of "read-only" tags.

The kit includes a small, pre-assembled reader board and four tags of various shapes and sizes from Sokymat. The kit can be used stand-alone or connected to a PC via a free serial port for tag ID code display.

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