The "Sooper Snooper"

Listen in on conversations, bird calls, noisy engine bearings or even the sound of termites munching into your home.

By Ross Tester

If all this sounds a bit hard to believe, we have to admit that we were a bit skeptical too. That is, until we tried out this amazing device. Or more correctly, two devices. That’s because there are two versions of the Sooper Snooper, depending on what you want to do with it/them.

One form, the type pictured above, has a small parabolic reflector with a microphone mounted "near enough" to its focal point.

This particular Sooper Snooper is the one you would use to listen in to distant conversations, bird calls, etc – anything in the open air which would normally be too far away or too faint to hear.

The second type of Sooper Snooper is pictured above right.

It has a microphone physically connected to a "probe" which is touched against the object you want to listen to – such things as bearings inside a hard disk drive (see, boss, I told you my hard disk was getting old!), vehicle engine noises (it’s an old-time mechanic’s trick to hold a screwdriver on an engine block with the other end pushed against the ear – this one works on the same principle), you can even hear the water rushing through pipes – and much, much more.

And yes, you really can hear termites attacking your home and cheque book if you’re unlucky enough to have an infestation!

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