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The HeartMate Heart Monitor

Build it and keep tabs on your ticker. It's just a shot for monitoring your heart rate during exercise, so you dont overdo it.

By John Clark

Main Features
  • Ideal for use with exercise machines
  • Adjustable timer with buzzer
  • Visible pulse indicator
  • Timer end buzzer
  • Timer stops below minimum pulse beat rate
  • Start/stop timer control
  • Recovery display 1,2,3,4 & 5 minutes
  • Error display for no pulse
  • Minimum & maximum pulse settings for audible buzzer

YEAH, YEAH we know there are plenty of miniature heart rate monitors for people who want to jog but they don’t include all the handy features of the SILICON CHIP Heart Rate Monitor. It will display pulse rates up to 235 beats/minute and has a number of preset buzzers to help you in your exercise program.

A Heart Rate Monitor is an essential piece of equipment when you are exercising as you can maintain your pulse rate at the desired level.

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Fig.1: this diagram shows the target pulse rates for people aged between 20 and 70 when undertaking exercise. For a 25-year old, the range is about 140-170 beats per minute, while for a 60-year old, the target range is about 115-140 beats per minute.

Fig.1 shows target pulse rates for people aged between 20 and 70. The target range is the pulse rate needed in order to provide suitable exercise for the heart. For a 25-year old, this range is about 140-170 beats per minute while for a 60-year old it is typically between 115 and 140 beats per minute. It is important not to overdo it. If you begin to feel weak and light headed, stop immediately.

The SILICON CHIP Heart Rate Monitor has an audible buzzer which can be set to sound if your pulse rate falls outside the target range that you set. And having exercised within the target range for a preset time, a buzzer will sound to tell you to have a rest.

Feeling completely knackered? The SILICON CHIP Heart Rate Monitor will monitor your recovery. This is the time to recover to your normal resting pulse rate after the exercise period. If you are really fit, your recovery time will be quick and if you are not (like most of us), it will be a lot slower.

The SILICON CHIP Heart Rate Monitor is housed in a small plastic case which can be mounted onto the handle bars of your exercise machine, be it an exercise bike, treadmill or whatever. It is powered from a 9-12V DC plugpack so there are no bat­teries to go flat. The 3-digit display uses 7-segment LEDs which are bright and easier to see than small LCD units.

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