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Building The Ultra-LD Stero Amplifier: Part Two

It fits nicely inside an ATX computer tower case, complete with a fan-cooled tunnel heatsink plus selector switch and volume control.

By Leo Simpson

As Presented, this Ultra-LD 100W per channel stereo amp-lifier can be the basis of a very fine "no-frills" stereo sound system.

You can plug in a CD player, tuner or tape deck and the selected program source is switched straight through to the volume control and then to the power amplifiers. This is equivalent to the "CD-Direct" mode on some stereo amplifiers.

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The Ultra-LD stereo amplifier takes the purist approach – no preamplifiers, no tone controls, no balance control or anything else to affect the signal quality before it goes to the power amplifiers. The result is the cleanest possible sound quality, rivalling that of the very best commercial amplifiers, regardless of price.

In the "Publisher’s Letter" for the March 2000 issue we indicated our intention of building the new stereo amplifier into a computer case. In fact, we mentioned that we intended using a "clam-shell" desk-top computer case.

Well, when we came to do the job we decided that the selected case looked a bit tatty and so we purchased a brand new ATX tower case for the princely sum of $66. This actually came with a power supply which is not needed for this project but which will be pressed into service elsewhere.

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