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A Moving Message Display

It's easy to build, easy to program, easy on the pocket and easy on the eye.

Design by Atilla Aknar*. Article by Ross Tester

A great deal of time and effort has gone into the design of this moving message display. And the end result is a very attractive proposition – in all senses of the word.

For a start, the kit price is significantly less than any commercial product which could be classed as equivalent.

That's a welcome change – we all know that these days building a kit can often cost as much as buying a finished product (or even more).

Second, the display looks good. It's housed in a clear acrylic tube with a red acrylic filter and black back and end caps. This method means the display is just as suitable for placing on a shelf or desk, hanging from a wall or even hanging from a ceiling (see inset box).

Third, it is flexible. We have shown a "double" display – that is, two PC boards linked together to form an 8-unit display. However, there's nothing to stop you making a mini version with only one PC board and a 4-unit display.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly) the system is incredibly easy to use. No special PC software is required – just a "dumb terminal" capable of sending and receiving via the RS232 (serial) output.

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