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Marantz announce four new DVDs

Marantz announce four new DVDs

Three new high-performance DVD players have recently been released while a new entry-level model is due later this year.

The Marantz Reference Series DV-18 is designed for the ultimate video and audio performance. It's THX Ultra certified and features 10-bit/27MHz video D/A conversion, component video outputs and 96/24 audio capability. It is also equipped with Dolby Digital and DTS and has a full complement of viewing options and interactive capabilities offered by the DVD-Video format, including multiple camera angles and aspect ratios. Retail price is $2490.

The $1790 DV7000 is similar but not part of the reference series, while the $1299 DV4000 is designed for spectacular home theatre video and surround sound audio quality.

The entry-level DV3100 is expected to retail for around $1000.

All Marantz DVD players also play back video CD and CD-R. D-BUS remote connection allows linkage to other Marantz components for integrated system operation while features such as parental control, slow motion, freeze frame, multi-speed forward and reverse scan, chapter and track search functions are all standard.

Marantz audio equipment is available at better sound and video outlets. For more information or the dealer closest to you, contact Jamo Australia on 1800 24 24 26.

Oxley amateur radio field day

The annual field "day" for the Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Inc will be held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend, 10 and 11 June, at the Sea Scout Hall, Buller St Port Macquarie.

Always a much-anticipated event amongst amateur operators from the Oxley region (and much further afield), the field day will feature amateur-oriented events, displays and demonstrations - and you could win a year’s subscription to SILICON CHIP! Field day opening times are 1.30 on Saturday and 8.30 on Sunday.

For more information, contact the secretary, Alan Nutt, on (02) 6582 3557 or email

Compact digital scale

At just 130 x 80mm, the new digital Pocket Scales from Dick Smith Electronics are just that: able to fit in a (well, OK large) pocket.

They can measure up to 100g with 1g resolution – and with simple and fast calibration, they’re sure to find many uses in the home, office, business and industry. They feature a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and are very easy to use. A carry pouch and set of batteries are included.

The Cat Y-5039 Compact Pocket Scales are priced at $199 and are available from all Dick Smith Electronics stores, DSE PowerHouse stores, DSE Direct Link mail order (1300 366 644) or via the website at

An interesting case (or two)

Looking for somewhere to put all those bits and pieces? We reckon these two new component storage boxes from Jaycar are a real bargain! Both are priced at just $9.95, made from plastic and for that you get either a large (370 x 280 x 65mm), single sided case with 24 compartments, a flip-top lid and handle; or a smaller (290 x 305 x 70mm) double-sided case with 32 compartments (22 one side, 10 the other), two flip-top lids and a carry handle.

In both cases (no pun intended!), some of the internal dividers are removable to give you larger, fewer compartments. If that’s still not enough space, we believe a little surgery on the fixed dividers would have the sizes and shapes desired. The lids are nearly transparent so you can see what’s inside before opening up.

Apart from components, the cases would be ideal for small-ish test instruments (or large if you remove some dividers).

The larger box is cat. HB-6314 while the smaller is cat. HB6315. You can see these storage boxes at any Jaycar electronics store and many of their dealers. They can also be ordered from AutoSpeed mail order 03 9762 6360 or web site AutoSpeed

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