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Pro Soldering Setup from Altronics and heaps more!!

Pro Soldering Setup from Altronics

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Whether   your interest is at advanced    hobbyist level or perhaps more in the manufacturing/assembly area, two new products from Altronics Distributors are worth a second look. Together they could form a very professional soldering set-up.

First is the Micron Soldering Station (Cat T2438), offering electronic temperature control to ±2DegC over a 200Deg– 500DegC range, with digital temperature display. The station features a long-life Japanese ceramic heater element and new tip/heater design and the iron itself has an iron-clad long-life tip. Zero-voltage switching is used. This not only minimises RFI but also helps prevent voltage spikes at the iron tip which may damage sensitive devices.

Incorporated into the station is a sponge tray and a soldering iron holder. With fast heat-up and recovery time the soldering station is highly suitable for repetitive assembly work as well as most other electronics construction and service tasks.

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