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An Ultrasonic Parking Radar

Build it and avoid those parking mishaps.

Design By Branco Justic*

Parking a car is a real problem for many people. They can’t!

Unless there is a shop window to reflect off they simply have no idea how to judge the distance between the back of their car and the front of the next.

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Ready to mount on the bumper bar or other suitable location, the Ultrasonic Parking Radar is simple to build, automatic in use and could save you $$$!

They either make life very hard for themselves, making what should be a three-point parking a ten or twenty point saga (you think we’re joking?) or, worse still, stop reversing when their tow bar has made a nice little scallop in the number plate of the car behind.

Even a slight touch on a modern car can cost thousands of dollars to repair, especially where integral, moul-ded (or non-existent) bumper bars or too-sensitive air bag sensors are involved.

So what’s the answer?

Here it is – a small ultrasonic transmitter/receiver which warns you when you’re getting too close. It’s designed to fit to the back bumper (or other suitable location) of your car and sounds a buzzer or closes a relay when you’re within the range you set – anything from about a metre down to just a few centimetres.

While designed for the specific purpose of parking, there are other applications where you might want to sense objects that come within range – security is one which springs to mind, perhaps even things like vehicles or other objects going past or through a small opening.

It’s all housed on one PC board (even the ultrasonic transducers) which can all fit into a small disposals plastic case, ready for mounting on the car.

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