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New look "ergonomic" digital multimeters

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Tenma have released a new range of ergonomic and modern-looking digital multimeters.

The range includes the 72-7720 (pictured), a full function multimeter offering a variety of ranges for every service application and meeting 1000V CAT II standards.

A rugged overmoulded housing stands up to the daily rigors of field service use and large backlit LCD display is easily read from several feet away.

Measurements include AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance and capacitance. The 3-1/2 digit, 1999- count display features 22mm digits for easy at-a-glance reading.

Additional features include continuity buzzer, data hold, full icon display, sleep mode and low battery display.

Standard test leads are included, along with separate short leads for accurate capacitance checking, a 9V battery and owners manual.

The multimeter is distributed by Farnell InOne (order code 743-0582).

Farnell InOne
PMB 6, Chester Hill NSW 2162
Tel: 1300 361 005 (NZ 0800 90 80 80)

World's first large-screen OLED display

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Seiko Epson Corporation has used its original inkjet printing technology to successfully develop the world’s first large-screen (40-inch) full-color organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display prototype.

Self-luminescent OLED displays, which offer outstanding viewing characteristics, including high contrast, wide viewing angle, and fast response times, are widely seen as the leading candidate for the next generation of thin, lightweight displays.

One of the major obstacles to their realization, however, has been the perceived difficulty of forming organic layers on large-sized TFT (thin film transistor) substrates.

Epson has been actively working to develop and commercialize next-generation OLED displays. The company, long a leader in inkjet printers, has developed an original inkjet process for depositing organic layers on large-size TFT substrates.

By establishing an OLED display manufacturing system and process that can handle oversized substrates, Epson has beaten a path to large-size OLED displays, as well as to lower cost small and medium-sized panels cut from larger TFT substrates.

Epson believes that the characteristics of OLED displays make them the ideal device for entertainment applications, whether in equipment for the road or living room.

The company is gearing up towards commerial production in 2007.

Seiko Epson Corp
Locked Bag 2238 North Ryde BC1670
Tel: (02) 8899 3666 Fax:(02) 8899 3777

Hard-to-find wireless LAN adapters/pigtails

Microgram has a range of normally-hard-to-get adapters and pigtails for wireless LAN applications. Included are:

Reverse SMA to type N female adapter (Cat No. 15154-14, rrp $27.00). Connects the majority of access points directly to low-loss (LMR-400) antenna cable

I.Pex MHF to N female pigtail (Cat No. 9191-14; rrp $35.00) These connects a mini PCI 802.11a/g card to an N female connector. Consists of an I.PEX MHF series plug, also known as U.FL (Hirose), to N female bulkhead mount.

Male N to reverse F MMCX pigtail (Cat No. 9219-14; rrp $30.00) – connects 200mw PCMCIA wLAN cards to low loss (LMR-400) antenna cable.

Wireless RF adapter set (Cat No. 9211-14 RF; rrp $239).

Need an RF adapter? Make the one you need. There are two by 16 different connectors that can be assembled in any combination.


Microgram Computers
1/14 Bon Mace Cl, Berkeley Vale 2261
Tel: (02) 4389 8444 Fax: (02) 4389 8388

Preamp kit, sinewave inverter from DSE

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Dick Smith Electronics have submitted their version of the Balanced Mic Preamp with 3-band equaliser (August 04 SILICON CHIP).

The kit is quite different in appearance from that published – it’s housed in a black instrument case, for example – but is electrically identical.

The case is silk-screened and pre-punched front and back, making assembly very simple and giving a very professional result.

The kit (K7219) retails for $59.87

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The other item of note is a 300W True Sinewave Inverter (M5113) which, as its name suggests, supplies 230V AC, 50Hz from a 12V DC source. The output, though, is a true sinewave as you would expect from a normal mains supply.

Many cheap inverters provide chopped or modified DC output – and many electronic devices do not like this one little bit! This inverter will operate most 240V equipment within its 300W output limit. It has two standard outlets on the front panel.

The high-efficiency inverter has overload protection and low battery warning.

It retails for $294.00 and is available from all DSE stores, PowerHouse stores and via on-line and mail orders.

Contact: Dick Smith Electronics (all stores)
Reply Paid 500, PO Box 500,
Regents Park DC NSW 2143.
Tel: 1300 366 644 Fax: (02) 9642 9155

Ten dollars off Altronics pro-quality cans

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Altronics distributors were so happy with the quality and performance of their new CD-90 studio quality headphones they sent us a pair to try out . . . and they do live up to their claims.

As well as being exceptional performers, suitable for use as studio monitors or high
fidelity music appreciation, these lightweight ’phones are extremely comfortable, with earpieces that can swivel through both axes.

With Neodymium magnets in the 50mm drivers, they have a frequency response of 100Hz to 30kHz with a rated SPL of 100dB.

Nominal impedance is 32W.

For November and December, Altronics stores and mail/online orders are offering these headphones (Cat C9014) at a special price for SILICON CHIP readers: $90.00 instead of the usual $99.00. Don’t forget to tell them you saw the ’phones in SILICON CHIP!

Altronics Distributors
Box 8350, Perth Business Centre 6849
Tel: 1300 797 007 Fax: (08) 9428 2187 Website: .au

European-styled LCD TVs from Baumann Meyer

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It’s not a name you’d instantly recognise but for the past few years Baumann Meyer has been solidly building a reputation as a supplier of stylish and technologically advanced LCD televisions to the Australian market.

The company has now released what is arguably the most stylish and distinctively European looking 66cm (26inch) widescreen (1280 x 768 pixels) LCD television - the DT-2600. In tasteful airbrushed aluminium surrounds, the new Baumann Meyer DT-2600 LCD television features a 96 channel multi-zone analogue tuner, plus matching SD set top box to receive the best in both analog and digital transmissions.

The DT-2600 has a 500:1 contrast ratio and enhanced brightness (450cd) that translates into picture detail and colour brilliance that makes for the most realistic and natural picture colour available.

The built-in stereo amplifier offers a total of 12 watts output and can be set for stereo, pseudo stereo and surround via its 2-channel output. Video features include, Teletext, Digital Action Freeze, Picture-in-Picture mode, and PC compatibility. For connection to the latest in a/v equipment, the DT-2600 offers RGB via SCART, Component, S-Video, Composite video/audio and RF.

With its stylish lines and centre of gravity strategically centred to offer a very stable footprint, it’s suitable for coffee table and side table placement as well as wall mounted.

Available at selected retailers, the DT-2600 has a recommended retail price of $3999 (includes digital Set Top Box). The DT-2600 is just one in the range of Baumann Meyer’s lifestyle LCD TVs, other models include the 80cm (32 inch) widescreen at $4999 for release in October, the 51cm (20 inch) WTP-20B2 at $1850, and the 38cm (15 inch) WTP-15B2 at $950.

Contact: Baumann Meyer
PO Box 594, Balgowlah NSW 2093
Tel: 1300 656 369 Fax: (02) 9977 6007 Website:

Elexol offers SILICON CHIP readers 10% discount on I/O USB add-on boards

Last month we introduced SILICON CHIP readers to the new range of USB modules from Elexol.

The Elexol USBIO24 V3 is the second generation of a low-cost integrated module for the input and/or output of digital signals from a computer system by connection to the USB port. The USB port also supplies power to the module.

Elexol now also have a range of add-on boards for the I/O module, significantly extending an already very versatile system.

Included in the range are an opto-isolated input board, aconnector/LED board, a switch/push button board and a 50-pin IDC connector board.

All can be viewed on the Elexol website, www., along with their specifications.

Even more importantly, if you order any of these boards via their online store and quote the code SIL1104, Elexol will give you 10% off for the month of November.

While you’re on line, check out Elexol’s other goodies!

PO Box 5972, Bundall Qld 4217
Tel: (07)5574 3988 Fax: (07)5574 3833

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