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A Charger For Deep-Cycle 12V Batteries, Pt 2

Second article has the full construction and set-up details for this new high-performance charger.

By John Clark

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The Battery Charger is built on three PC boards. These are the Power PC board coded 14111041 and measuring 224 x 77mm, the Control PC board coded 14111042 and measuring 92 x 69mm and the Display PC board coded 14111043 and measuring 141 x 66mm. These are housed inside a metal case measuring 88mm high x 279mm deep x 304mm wide. The Power Controller components are mounted on a fan-assisted heatsink which is cooled using an 80mm 12V fan. The transformer is a 300VA toroid.

On the front panel are the power switch, control switches and the LCD module. At the rear of the case are the charger leads, the temperature sensor input socket, the fuses and the heatsink fan. Also there is a finger guard to cover the fan blades.

Main Features

  • Suitable for 12V lead acid batteries
  • LCD shows charging phase and settings
  • Temperature, voltage and current metering
  • 3-step charging
  • Optional equalisation phase
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • 16.6A charge capacity
  • Initial trickle charge when battery voltage is low
  • 4 preset battery chemistry settings
  • 2 adjustable specific battery settings (can be set for 6V batteries)
  • Correction for voltage drop across battery leads
  • Wide battery capacity range (4-250Ah) in 18 steps

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