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A Real Yagi Antenna For UHF CB

Are you good at scrounging? All it takes is some plastic conduit and a couple of wire coat hangers to build this really effective antenna

By Stan Swan

Remember those Christmas-stocking-filler walkie-talkie radios you had as a kid? The sort that you and your mates played spies with – before their batteries gave out on Boxing Day?

Operating in the 27MHz band (CB channel 14 being most common) most of these flea-power sets had just two controls: on/off and push-to-talk. Many didn’t even rate a volume control! Not only did they have mediocre "lucky to get next door" range but lack of noise-killing squelch revealed your broom cupboard hideaway.

Naturally your allowance didn’t stretch to costly 9V battery replacement every few days either. Untold numbers of such sets probably now lie discarded in those very broom cupboards.

Such cheap wireless toys rightly lead to most hand-held two-way radios being dismissed as kids stuff. Serious communications surely justifies professional equipment, perhaps larger 27MHz CB, VHF marine or even (another) mobile phone? Allow hundreds of dollars. Anyway, today’s kids would probably organise their spy ring by mobile phones or text messages, to their (and their parent’s!) lament when the bills arrive.

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