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Build a MIDI Drum Kit

PART 3 - building the sensors and stand

By John Clarke

The piezo-based pads require tapping with drum sticks or similar items in the conventional "drum" manner. The optical pads can be tapped by hand, making them easier to use.

We also use an optical pickup for foot-activated sensors. This is because the system is more robust. A piezo transducer that can be attacked with a foot pedal may well be destroyed rather quickly.

Each pad type is described in the separate sections following.

Building The Optical PC Board

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(left) Fig.5. (Above) Fig.6.

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Circuit details were shown in Part 1 but are repeated here for convenience along with the PC board overlay for the optical sensor (there is no PC board for the piezo sensor).

The optical sensor PC board is coded 01211053 and measures 52 x 31mm. Once again, before assembly check the underside for any possible shorts between tracks or breaks in the copper.

As you did for the other boards, install the resistors and diode (as shown), the PC stakes and the capacitor (which is mounted on its side to allow clearance above the PC board). Finally, the optical sensor is mounted directly onto the PC board, making sure it is oriented correctly.

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