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Universal High-Energy LED Lighting System

Second article has all the construction details. And we show you how to make a very effective Luxeon-powered spotlight for bicycles

By John Clarke

The Universal High-Energy LED Lighting System is built on a PC board coded 11004061 (104 x 79mm) and is housed in a diecast aluminium box (115 x 90 x 55mm). An aluminium box was used because it provides sufficient heatsinking for Mosfets Q1 & Q2 and for the battery pack (this heatsinking is needed at high charge and discharge rates).

In addition, the aluminium housing is rugged and weatherproof.

Board assembly

Click for larger image
The Luxeon LED Spotlight being used as a headlight on a Greenspeed pedal-powered recumbent trike. The car in the main beam is 35 metres away. Note also the broad, lower intensity illumination immediately in front of the trike. Even on roads that have no street lights, sufficient illumination is provided to allow pedalling at up to 75km/h.

Fig.2 shows the parts layout on the PC board. Begin construction by carefully checking the PC board for breaks or shorts between the copper tracks. Repair any defects (rare these days), then install PC stakes at all the external wiring points. Follow these with all the low-profile parts including the wire links, resistors, small capacitors and the diodes.

Once these parts are in, you can install the surface-mount resistor (R1) on the copper side of the PC board. You will have to refer to Table 5 to determine which of the two provided surface-mount resistors is installed.

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