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New 6-chip LED is brighter than a 20W halogen lamp

It's brighter than a 20W halogen lamp and has applications ranging from workplace lighting to pocket video projectors, reading lights and car interiors

new Ostar LED module from Osram has four or six series-connected chips in a hexagonal shape that allows for high packing densities.

Producing 420 lumens at an operating current of 700mA, the six-chip version with an in-built lens is brighter than a 20W low-voltage halogen lamp. LEDs are therefore now suitable for use in more and more general lighting applications.

For example, they can provide enough light now for a desk lamp or a pocket video projector such as the new models from Samsung and Toshiba.

A specially developed hemispherical lens is part of the standard equipment. This lens improves the efficiency with which light is emitted without affecting the beam characteristics.

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