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Pocket AV Generator

There are not many video test pattern generators on the market and the ones that are cost big dollars. This kit is a fraction of the cost of commercially available units, it's portable and it has audio outputs as well!

by Mick Gergos

How often have you found yourself touching the end of an audio cable and listening for the 50Hz buzz, or shorting the ends of a video cable so that you can meter the other end to confirm its destination?

How often have you needed a video source then reached for the VCR in the corner only to find that you don’t have a power lead or a tape with anything on it?

No matter which facet of the electronic industry you work in, once you’ve experienced the convenience of this portable audio/video test signal generator, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

It is an essential piece of test gear for any techo’s toolkit. Whether you’re in CCTV, broadcast, TV/VCR repair, AV installation or just a devoted hobbyist, you’ll find that this will become one of the most useful and best value-for-money products in your arsenal.


The Pocket AV Signal Generator literally is pocket-sized at just 123 x 80 x 25mm, including signal output sockets. An RCA socket provides the composite video, with nine fields (screens) to choose from, cycled through with the touch of a pushbutton.

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In addition, two more RCA sockets provide stereo channels of approximately 1.5kHz audio, with the right channel clearly identifiable to assist in cable troubleshooting. And to make it completely portable, it operates from either a 9V battery or a 9V DC plugpack.

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