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LP's TO CD's

Want to transfer your old LP's or 78 records to CD or MP3 format? Here's how to go about it and get rid of surface noise in the process.

By John Clarke

Computer technology now makes it easy to restore your old vinyl records and convert them to CDs or MP3 files. You don’t require an expensive sound studio to do it, just your PC and suitable software.

In fact, many owners of personal computers don’t realise that they already have powerful audio editing tools just waiting to be tried. Correctly used, these tools will let you listen to your favourite recordings once again without the usual background clicks and pops and surface noise.

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Fig.1: here's how to connect your turntable to the PC's soundcard via a phono preamplifier such as the unit described last month. You can monitor the sound via your PC's speakers or via an external amplifier and speakers as shown here.

Of course, to play back your old LPs (or 78s), you’ll need a suitable turntable. You’ll also need a stereo amplifier with RIAA preamplifier stages, to process the output from the turntable's magnetic pick-up cartridge such as the one described in the August 2006 issue.

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