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'Wachit' - it turns a VCR into a Security Recorder

Connet this video motion detector between a camera and a VCR for all sorts of security and monitoring applications

By Murray Downes

Everyone is familiar with the passive infrared and microwave sensors that are used to activate door openers, security lights and alarm systems. Less known is the existence of devices that use image processing to detect motion and trigger alarms, recording and other actions. These are generally referred to as Video Motion Detection (VMD) sensors.

Whereas a PIR or microwave sensor has a limited range, VMD sensors can function over very long distances and wide areas because they work from a video camera image that could be viewing anything from 3m to 5km away.

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The "Watchit" Smart Video Motion Detector turns an ordinary VCR/DVD-R into a security event recorder. A built in learning infared remote is used to control the recorder. After a simple set up procedure, all you need to do is hook up the video cable and position the supplied infared emitter in front of the recorder to begin recording events.

Farco Technologies Limited manufacture high-end video motion detection systems that are used in red light cameras and traffic signal controllers. They also produce a range of low-cost VMD devices that utilise high-speed image processing technology.

The "Wachit" is a small, sturdily-housed unit that’s connected between a video camera and a recording device. It comes equipped with relay outputs and can directly control a recording device via its inbuilt infrared remote learning capabilities.

Farco also offer the VMD-19 module for those that wish to use VMD technology in their own products. The module consists of a small printed circuit board with the same footprint as a standard 18-pin 0.6-inch wide IC. It can be directly connected to a composite video source to detect the motion of objects within the video signal. From the outset, Farco designed the VMD-19 for easy integration in security cameras, VCR designs, video switchers, quad processors, multiplexers, etc.
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