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Galactic Voice

Build this "voice bender" for instant rapport with all those aliens your likely to meet in the far reaches of the universe.

By John Clarke

We’ve all seen and heard those sci-fi TV programs and films which include characters – either real "living" beings or fully robotic ’droids – that speak with electronic sounding voices.

The living beings are often heavily modified with mechanical and electronic prosthetic devices. The modifications extend to voice changing headpieces designed to cause menacing expressions.

The voice changing tends to bring out the worst evil features from the characters. Some examples of characters from the galaxy with metallically challenged voices (and with bad attitudes!) include the Droids from "Star Wars", the Cylons from "Battle Star Galactica" and the Daleks from "Dr Who".

Who could not resist holding their arm out and saying "Exterminate, Exterminate, we are the Daleks" especially when armed with a metallic-sounding voice?

Each of these characters has their own distinctive voice signature and the SILICON CHIP Galactic Voice includes controls to match the required character.

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Just add your voice and you too can sound like a Klingon, Dalek, a Droid, a Cylon ... you name it!

Imitating the voices is as simple as switching on the Galactic Voice and speaking in a normal voice into an inbuilt microphone. The electronics and the loudspeaker do the rest for you, converting your normal, totally boring voice into a metallically accented diabolical one.

There is an "effect" control which changes the metallic effect by changing the pitch of the metallic sound from a high through to a low pitch.

There is also a "depth" control, which adjusts the amount that the metallic sound is impressed upon your voice, from a relatively normal voice through to a fully metallic voice.

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