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Playback Adaptor For CD-ROM Drives

Ever wanted to use an old CD-ROM drive as a CD player for audio playback? Now you can do it, with this nifty CD-ROM Playback Adapter. It can control one or two CD-ROM drives and has an infrared remote control. A 16x2 line LCD screen provides track information and other data.

We have often been asked how to interface a hard drive or computer CD-ROM drive to a microcontroller. This is an interesting question, since there are countless old CD-ROM drives out there that are still in perfect functioning order but they are "obsolete". Instead of letting them end up in landfill, you could do your bit and build this project.

As well, this project will be good experience for those readers who wish to learn more about the ATA interface and who want to use hard drives and CD-ROM drives in their own projects. The interface can be easily modified to suit any other micro and only requires a few I/O ports and a reasonably fast processing core.

The main features of the Playback Adapter are listed below:

(1)Can connect up to two ATAPI CD-ROM drives.

(2)Auto detection of up to two connected drives.

(3)Plays your favourite CDs.

(4)Random play and repeat modes.

(5)Controls volume (16 levels) and balance digitally.

(6)Remote control with user-selectable key definitions.

(7)Works with any RC5 remote control.

(8)ISP (in-system programmable) if you wish to experiment with the firmware.

(9)The CD is automatically locked when playing

(10)LCD screen.

Accessing an ATAPI device

The CD-ROM Playback Adapter presented here lets you connect one or two drives and control each independently using a standard RC5 remote control.

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