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PIC Programmer SCIO Converter

Programming 18-lead surface-mount SOIC PIC microcontrollers can be a quite difficult because access to the leads is not that easy. This adaptor PC board accepts 18-pin SOIC PIC microcontrollers and plugs directly into a conventional PIC programmer.

by John Clarke

Parts List

1 PC board, code 04211071, 29 x 48mm

1 100nF monolithic ceramic capacitor (code 104 or 100n)

2 9-way header strips with 2.54mm spacing

1 80mm length of 0.7mm tinned copper wire

Most people will buy a kit for this project and the PIC micros used in the transmitter and receiver will come pre-programmed. But what if you want to program them yourself?

One way of programming the SOIC (surface-mount) PIC16F628A –20/SO used in the transmitter is to use the In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) header on the PC board. Basically, you have to connect the Vdd, Vss, MCLR, RB6 & RB7 pins on the processor to the +5V, 0V, Vpp, clock and data ICSP connections on a PIC programmer. However, this technique is only good for assembled PC boards (assuming ICSP connections are available on the PIC programmer).

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