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Review: Rohde & Schwarz FS300 & SM300 Test Gear

Mauro Grassi takes an in-depth look at Rohde & Schwarz' new FM300 Spectrum Analyser and SM300 Signal Generator

by Maurio Grassi


The FS300 Spectrum Analyser can analyse the frequency domain from 9kHz to 3GHz and the matching SM300 Signal Generator can produce the same set of frequencies.

In fact, the FS300 and SM300 look almost identical face on. Both housed in robust cases; the only difference in the front panels is that the signal generator has an extra LF (low frequency) output.

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Fig. 1: the amplitude in the frequency domain from 88MHz-108MHz (the FM radio band) obtained with a makeshift aerial (a length of wire). The peaks correspond to the carrier frequency of radio stations in the Sydney area.

Apart from that, both have a rotary knob, a numeric keypad, some soft buttons (meaning their use varies according to the selected sub menu) and some keys for navigating through their on-screen menus.

The screen is a quarter-VGA (320x200) TFT LCD. Both the Spectrum Analyser and Signal Generator will fit snugly side-by-side in a single 19inch rack.

At the rear of the units lie a host of connectors. From a monitor output, USB host port (for connecting a USB flash drive), USB device port (for connecting to a PC), a keyboard port (for attaching an external keyboard) and various BNC connectors for accepting an external trigger and reference signals.

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