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Signature Series Kit Loudspeaker System

These new speakers are among the very best kit speakers that money can buy. They use the very-high-performance Fountek ribbon tweeters and Peerless woofers. They will be a very good match to our recently described 20W Class-A Stereo Amplifier.

By Russell Storey & Leo Simpson

Since we completedour description of the 20W
Class-A Stereo Amplifier a few months ago, readers have been asking us for a kit speaker system to match its performance.

As it happens, the Signature Series have been in development for over a year now and we are very pleased to present a complete set of speakers which can be used in stereo or home theatre systems.

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At far right is the 260 tower system and its dimensions while below is its centre channel variant, the 260C. The 360, at right, uses a 6.5-inch woofer. The pick of the two systems is the 260 because of its considerably higher efficiency: 92.5dB/1m/1W. Both systems produce commendably low harmonic distortion.
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They provide excellent stereo sound stage and definition and have a very wide and smooth frequency response with very low harmonic distortion. And while they are eminently suitable for our Class-A amplifier, they can be matched up to any amplifier with a power output up to 120 watts per channel, when running normal program material.

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