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Product Showcase

Got broadband? Want to set up a Hotspot?

Freenet Antennas, a leader in wireless networking (WiFi) solutions, has released the most cost effective WiFi Hotspot-in-a-box in Australia – the easyHotspot. It is designed as a plug-and-play way of adding controlled Internet access for motels, caravan parks, corporate networks, etc.

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Most hotspot solutions work in much the same way as the easyHotspot. The user connects using the normal wireless interface in their laptop, open their browser and are redirected to a ‘login’ page. After entering their login/password, they have access to the Internet for web browsing, email, etc.

The features that make the easyHotspot standout are – Cost: from $200 including GST, it is the most cost-effective product on the market in Australia today. In addition, ongoing costs for the easyHotspot owner are minimised as the user tickets can be printed locally on any standard office printer.

Simplicity: the easyHotspot is designed to be a plug-and-play appliance. There is no user configuration. In most cases, where a site already has broadband Internet, the installation is a simple do-it-yourself process.

Customisable: the standard easyHotspot comes with a generic (unbranded) login page and generic ticket design. The easyHotspot can be customized with customer logos or other information. This is normally done before the unit is shipped.

Remotely upgradeable: an easyHotspot unit that has already been installed can be remotely customised/upgraded if needed.

Flexible ticket profiles: when a user logs in, he is then subject to zero or more limitations. Those limitations can be any mix of time – the user is logged off when his time limit expires; data volume – the user is logged off after he has downloaded a given number of bytes; and data rate – while the user is online, he has a maximum possible download speed.

Full product details are available at:


Freenet Antennas

3 Barker Place, Bicton, WA 6157

Ph: (08) 6262 3333 Fax: (08) 9319 3275


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