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Water Tank Level Meter, Pt.3: The Base Station

Designed to team with up to 10 Water Tank Level Meters, this Base Station lets you monitor water levels from a remote location (eg, inside your home). As a bonus, it also includes an option for electric pump control.

By John Clarke

The ability to monitor water tank levels from a remote location can be very useful in certain circumstances. This particularly applies if you have several water tanks or if the tanks are hard to access, or you want to include automatic pump control.

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Data for the Telemetry Base Station is transmitted from one or more Water Tank Level Meters (up to 10), as described in the November & December 2007 issues of SILICON CHIP.

This Base Station is intended for use with the telemetry version of the Water Tank Level Meter described in the November & December 2007 issues of SILICON CHIP. It has an inbuilt 433MHz wireless receiver and can handle data transmissions from up to 10 level meters and display the results on a 2-line 32-character LCD module. In bargraph mode, it can show up to 10 tank levels simultaneously, while the digital readout mode shows individual tank levels to 1%.

As shown, the Base Station is a compact unit that can be placed on a shelf or a desk or attached to a wall via integral mounting brackets. The display is backlit so that it can be readily seen under all lighting conditions.

The only controls are four pushbutton switches situated in a line immediately below the LCD module. These are used to control the display format and to set up pump control. Power for the Base Station comes from a 9V DC 200mA plugpack.

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