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PICAXE VSM: The PICAXE Circuit Simulator!

Ever wondered whether your latest scathingly brilliant PICAXE project idea would actually work? Well, now you can find out before you build it, with the new PICAXE circuit simulator software! Mr PICAXE, Clive Seager, talks us through the latest PICAXE software offering from Revolution Education.

By Clive Seager

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Fig.1: circuit simulation of the AXE107 Rudolph Project Kit (SILICON CHIP, September 2004). What you can't see from the screenshot is the "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" tune playing from the piezo (simulated via the computer's speaker)!
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Fig.2: the program can be stepped through line-by-line and variable values studied on screen.

PICAXE Virtual System Modelling (VSM) is a new software circuit simulator that combines a "virtual" PICAXE chip with animated components and Berkeley SPICE circuit analysis to produce a simulation of a complete PICAXE project – and it operates in real time on most modern computers!

PICAXE VSM is a joint venture between two UK companies, Revolution Education, the developers of the PICAXE system, and Labcenter Electronics, a world leader in circuit simulation products which has been producing commercial SPICE and microcontroller simulators for almost 20 years.

To use the system, you first draw your circuit schematic on screen, using the library of over 10,000 popular analog/digital components and automated wiring to build up your circuit. You then associate your PICAXE BASIC program to the PICAXE chip component and click "Play!" to watch the circuit in operation!

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