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Recycling computers
and printers

Congratulations on your 20th year of successfully producing a truly world class electronics magazine. I have every copy except for No.1. I do wish you and your staff continued success for many years yet to come.

The purpose of this letter is to draw attention to the situation regarding E-Waste and that our organisation is actually doing something about the problem. While councils and governments are scratching around like a bunch of sun-struck chooks, trying to work out what to do with unwanted computers, printers, monitors, plus a host of other items that make up E-Waste, Reverse Garbage (RG) at Marrickville in Sydney is turning the problem into the solution.

RG collects and refurbishes unwanted PCs, which we then sell cheaply to the public. A lot of people may not want (or need) a brand new computer or can afford a newie. That is where RG excels. Reverse Garbage can sell a complete package for under $100 or a little more if we have to build it to a customer’s specs (some people prefer to build up their own computers or wish to upgrade cheaply).

N. Bush,
Canterbury, NSW. Reverse Garbage is at the Addison Road Community Centre, Building 8, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204. Phone (02) 9569 3132.

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