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UHF Remote Mains Switch Transmitter

Designed to control the UHF Remote Mains Switch, this hand-held transmitter can operate over a 200m range. It's based on a PIC micro and a pre-assembled transmitter module, making it easy to build and get going.

By John Clarke


  • Controls the UHF Remote Mains Switch
  • Up to 10 UHF Remote Mains Switch units can be controlled
  • 16 encoder selections
  • 200m range
  • On/off switching
  • Handheld operation
  • 9V battery supply
  • Transmit indicator
  • Transmit error indication
  • If you want to control the UHF Remote Mains Switch in a stand-alone application, then you need to also build this UHF transmitter. As shown in the photos, it’s housed in a plastic case with two pushbutton switches for on/off switching. Press the On button and power is applied to the mains socket on the UHF Remote Mains Switch. Alternatively, press the Off button and the power turns off. What could be easier?

    Click for larger image

    The front panel also provides access to a small rotary switch. This selects one of 10 "identities" which means that the transmitter can control up to 10 separate UHF Remote Mains Switches. This rotary switch is adjusted using a small blade screwdriver.

    Immediately above the "On" button is a "transmit indicator" LED. This briefly lights each time a transmission is sent (ie, when ever the On or Off buttons are pressed). However, if there is an error, this LED will flash three times in a 1.5-second period.

    Typically, an error will be indicated if both switches are pressed simultaneously or if a switch is pressed too briefly. In either case, it’s simply a matter of pressing the desired switch again to send the control signal.

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