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Review: ATTEN ADS7062CA Digital Storage Scope

The ADS7062CA Digital Storage Oscilloscope from ATTEN incorporates many features found only in dearer oscilloscopes. It represents very good value for money and its bandwidth is high enough for most applications, including video.

By Mauro Grassi

The ADS7062CA is a dual channel colour 60MHz DSO with real-time sampling up to 1GS/s. It is rare to find a comparable DSO at this price range that also boasts a colour screen. The display is a 5.7-inch quarter-VGA colour LCD with adjustable contrast.

Considering all the functions available, the front panel has a simple and easy-to-follow layout. The vertical attenuator and trace position knobs are colour-coded (yellow and cyan) to match the corresponding traces on the screen. All the knobs are digital by the way; there are no potentiometer controls, which means they should be durable and reliable.

The vertical attenuator knobs work in two modes. The standard mode gives the usual 1:2:5 sequence from 20mV/div to 50V/div. Pressing the knob then provides a vernier function, to give much finer control, allowing you to shows the measured waveform using the full screen, for example.

Three BNC inputs are accessible from the front, rated at 300V RMS, one for each channel and one for an external trigger. The scope does not have probe sensing but you would not expect that feature on a low-cost scope.

Seven of the buttons are backlit, together with an indicator for the multi-purpose User Select knob which adjusts a range of functions.

Auto Set & measurements

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Fig 1: the yellow trace shows a PWM signal at around 3.48kHz. The cyan signal is the output at the drain of a Mosfet connected to a motor being switched by the PWM signal. Five measurements are shown at right. The large spikes in the back-EMF of the motor are visible and are measured to be as high as 65.6V.

Although most digital scopes incorporate some kind of AUTO set feature, the ADS7062CA is unusual because it gives the user four additional options after the AUTO set has been completed. These options are especially useful when viewing periodic waveforms. For example, one can choose to show only one complete cycle of a periodic waveform, or only the rising or falling parts.

The ADS7062CA can make all the common measurements, with up to five independent measurements displayed at any one time to the right of the main window. When using the AUTO set feature, the measurements are shown on the screen, at bottom. The measurements apply to one of the two channels and show peak-peak voltage, period, frequency and average voltage levels. The channel that is selected is the current triggering channel.

Alternatively, all measurements can be displayed at once, in a semi-transparent window in the centre of the screen. An independent 6-digit frequency counter appears at the bottom right of the screen.

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