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PICAXE VSM: The PICAXE Circuit Simulator, Pt.2

In this second part of our mini-series, Clive Seager talks us through using the new PICAXE VSM simulation software.

By Clive Seager

Last month we introduced the new PICAXE VSM software, which will allow you to simulate PICAXE designs on the computer to see if they (or your software!) will do what you intended to do!

As well as a serious design tool, PICAXE VSM is also a great way for beginners to experiment with PICAXEs – without any risk of letting the smoke out! What’s more, PICAXE VSM will help you with the circuit so that you can actually build your PICAXE project.


To install the PICAXE VSM software download the demo installation package (18MB) from If you are on dial-up and prefer a CD your local PICAXE distributor should be able to oblige.

Click for larger image

The software is designed for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. 95, 98 and ME are not officially supported, however many users have reported that the software does actually run on these older Windows versions.

The software will run in restricted ‘demo’mode until you purchase a licence key (you can still use the Rudolph simulation sample described below in demo mode).

Registration is also carried out online, again at, via secure credit card transaction, you will receive an email with your key shortly after purchase (VSM costs UK ₤49.99 (~AU$118 at press time). Use the PICAXE VSM ‘Licence Manager’ utility to install your key and ‘unlock’ the full version.

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