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Playing With The AirNav RadarBox

Ever wanted to be an air traffic controller? This will let you experience it all - from the comfort of your PC!

By Ross Tester

We get to see a fair amount of new software and hardware here at SILICON CHIP. Most of it is pretty ho-hum – in many cases a new way to re-invent the wheel.

Every now and then, though, something comes along that leaves us open-mouthed. Gobsmacked, even.

For example, Google Earth (and its latest variant, Google Streetview) was/is such a program. I don’t know about you but I still find the sheer concept of it absolutely amazing.

Well, now there’s another piece of software (or more correctly, software and hardware) which has left all of us here saying "WOW!" (capital letters intended!).

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It’s called AirNav RadarBox

As the package says, it’s the closest you can be to real world aviation without leaving your computer chair. If you are at all interested in aviation (and even if you’re not!) we’re sure you will agree with our first reaction. WOW!

Let’s see if we can paint a picture for you.

We’ll imagine great-aunt Mabel is flying from her home in the far north of Scotland to sunny Sydney to spend some time with you. She’s sent you her itinerary, telling you each of the flights she’s catching: from her home town of Wick to Edinburgh on RyanAir, from Edinburgh to London (Heathrow) on British Airways then from London to Australia on Qantas via the Kangaroo Route of Bahrain, Singapore and Sydney.

Of course, you can see from her itinerary (or by looking it up on the web) the (hopeful?) departure and arrival times of each flight.

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