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Multi-Purpose Car Scrolling Display

All the parts for the Car Scrolling Display are installed on two PC boards – a main board coded 05101091 (134 x 86mm) and a display board coded 05101092 (124 x 75mm). These two boards are stacked together with a red Perspex window and are secured using Nylon spacers, washers and screws. Note that there is no wiring between the two boards. The display board simply plugs into the main board via connector CON6.

Note also that the display board is smaller than the main board. That’s been done so that when the two boards are stacked together, the screw terminal blocks on the main board are exposed for easy access.

Main board assembly

Fig.6 shows the assembly details for the main board. Begin by checking the board for cracks in the tracks or any shorts between adjacent tracks. This is easier to do before installing the parts and can save you trouble later.

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