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Serviceman's Log

There are some jobs that I would rather forget about. But for the sake of my soul, one has to learn to be humble by reminding oneself of one's failings. And if I don't do it, there?s always an OAP who will.

Items Covered This Month

  • Sony KV-PG21P10 BG-2T
  • Toshiba 42WP56A (LG 42V7 chassis)
  • Antivirus 2008 malware

  • A while ago, a rival service centre passed on a job as they were super busy and one television technician down. Besides which, it was for a brand they were not an agent for and the fault was an easy one for me. It would be money for old rope.

    The set was a deluxe European-designed 66cm LCD TV made by Samsung. It was located at an old folk’s home and the symptom was no sound out of the headphones.

    Well, how hard could that be? So off I trotted and found Mrs Belmont’s room in the home. She was an intelligent person and could manage her affairs pretty well, though she did find it hard to see. The reason for the headphones was not because of her hearing but more not to interfere with her neighbours in adjoining rooms.

    The headphones were Sony infrared cordless types (model MDR-IF) and when I checked them out, all I could get was hiss. Mrs Belmont had been there at the home for some time and previous to this, she had the Philips equivalent (model no HC-30) until she broke the headset. The Sony set was relatively new and had been working. When they stopped working, her daughter had taken them home and checked them out on her TV and found they worked fine.

    I wished I had known this history beforehand, as it was sounding more like the earphone socket had been broken but I had nothing to confirm her story. I thought the easiest answer would be to take her headset away and return with some earpieces to check the TV out the next day. I was quite prepared to waive the additional service call fee.

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