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School Zone Speed Alert

Have you been booked for driving through a school zone at well above the 40km/h limit? It's easy to do and can be a very expensive mistake. Here's a project to help you stay out of trouble. It keeps track of the time and flashes a warning LED during the morning or afternoon 40km/h time periods.

By Jim Rowe

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40 KM/H ZONES on the roads near schools can be a real hazard to your wallet and your licence. You must remember to slow down during the specified morning and afternoon time periods. It is very easy to forget and since many of these zones now have fixed radar speed cameras, you can be hit with a big fine without even knowing it.

It’s true that most school speed zones are marked with suitable signs, to warn motorists when they are entering and leaving them. But as yet, only some of the signs have flashing lights to warn when the 40km/h limit actually applies.

What this project does is keep track of the time and it flashes a warning LED when the 40km/h speed limit applies in school zones. The project itself is housed in a small jiffy box and is intended to go inside your glove box. However, the warning LED is connected to the main box using a short length of figure-8 cable and can be mounted in a small hole in the lower part of your dashboard or in a small bracket mounted just below the dash.

It should be inconspicuous but able to attract your attention when it’s flashing. The LED flashes brightly enough to attract your attention in daylight but not so bright as to dazzle you and disturb your driving.

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