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Basslink temperature limit

In your Publisher’s Letter for the March 2009 issue you question the temperature rating of the Basslink Tasmanian converter station.

In fairness to the Basslink designers it should be pointed out that the nearest weather station with long-term records is Low Head which has had an all-time peak temperature of 29.5°C. The Basslink station is quite close but inland from Low Head, which is right on the coast, so it was reasonable to allow an extra 5.5 °C for its maximum design temperature.

The Victorian converter station has a higher temperature rating and did not limit.

Graham Shepherd,
via email.

Silly legislation in South Australia

Click for larger image

The School Zone Speed Alert described in the April 2009 issue is a very clever piece of engineering. Unfortunately, I do not think there will be many made in South Australia – see the accompanying photo.

The South Australian Government only implements the standard “Australian Road Rules” when it suits them. The school signage used to be 40km/h with the times of the day listed as in the other states but some of our smart politicians decided they knew best and changed the speed limit to 25km/h, whenever children are present. I have contacted the RAA (our motoring body here) about this anomaly but they said even though it was wrong, they couldn’t get the government to listen.

It is very confusing trying to spot a child (it would seem to be at any time of the day or night), as there are usually many cars parked near school crossings.

Ron Mills VK5XW,
Rosslyn Park, SA.

Comment: that is stupid, isn’t it? It means that if a child is on the footpath but hidden behind a car, you could be booked for speeding.

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