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High Current, High Voltage Battery Capacity Meter

Ideal for solar power battery monitoring but also perfect for a wide variety of rechargeable battery applications, this smart battery meter monitors the charge and discharge of lead-acid, Nicad and NiMH batteries with an operating voltage range of 9-60V and currents up to 80A. It has settable overload and under-voltage protection and it can be connected to a PC for logging of battery condition.

By Mauro Grassi

Main Features

• High Voltage (9-60V) and High Current (~80A) range

• Display Up to 12 different readings: Battery Voltage (V), Battery Capacity in Amp.hours (AH), watt-hours (WH)
or percentage (%), Load Current (A), Charge Current (A), Net Current (A), Circuit Current (mA), Time
Remaining (D:H:M), Charge/Discharge Cycles, Load (W), Relay Current (mA)

• Backlit LCD Display with variable brightness and timeout period (to stop backlighting)

• USB 2.0 for Data Logging

• Data Logging with RLE Compression can log up to four readings at any one time, transfer to PC and import
into spreadsheet, create graphs

Uses Peukert’s Law for discharging Lead Acid batteries, with customisable constant and charging efficiency

• Suitable for all Lead Acid (including deep cycle) and NiMH & Nicad batteries

• Automatically detects top of charge (Lead Acid) or bottom & top of charge (Nicad/NiMH):

• Lead Acid: determines top of charge by detecting trickle current and cell voltage

• Nicad & NiMH: detects discharge end-point by detecting falling voltage and low cell voltage

• Audible Capacity Alarm

• Fail-safe shut down on under-voltage

• Overload protection with soft fuse (requires external relay)

• Under-voltage protection (with optional relay)

• Keeps track of number of charge/discharge cycles

• Persistent settings and hierarchical menu system

• One-time software calibration using only a DMM

Customisable averaging for all readings

• Standby mode when small load or charge current to save power

• Housed in a rugged plastic case

Rechargeable batteries are expensive, regardless of what type they are or where they are used. To obtain absolute maximum life from them, it is very important to charge and discharge them properly – and that requires very careful monitoring.

Because you can’t be there continuously watching meters, it is essential that you have the equipment that can. And that’s where this very smart battery capacity meter comes in.

Just take a look at the features panel below and you’ll have to agree: it is very smart!

It uses a heavy-duty shunt to monitor charge and discharge currents. All the readings are shown on a backlit 2-line LCD panel and the various modes – and there are many to choose from – are simply selected by pressing a button on an alphanumeric keyboard.

A USB connection allows you to log the battery voltage, battery capacity, charge current and many other readings. We show you how data can be imported into a spreadsheet and graphed on your PC.

An audible alarm warns you when the remaining battery capacity drops below a preset percentage. You can then disconnect the load to protect the battery, either manually or automatically via an optional heavy-duty relay. The latter will then reconnect the load after the battery voltage rises to a preset safe level.

It can be used with all types of lead acid batteries, including SLA (Sealed Lead Acid), deep discharge, etc, or with virtually any type of nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) and nickel-cadmium (Nicad) batteries, as long as they are 9V or more.

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