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Serviceman's Log

I am eternally grateful for the discovery of chaos theory. It has made my life relevant and means that I don't have to worry any more about phenomena that simply don?t make sense. Whoever invented it must have specifically had electronic servicing in mind.

Items Covered This Month

• Denon AVR-1604 AV Tuner
• LG RC195 DVD recorder/VCR combo unit
• Panasonic RAMSA WR-DA7 Mixer Console
• Vivax VX104-02 pipe locator
• Sanyo VHR-VK310A hifi VCR
• LG RH4820W DVD player/recorder
• Philips 21PT1321 L7.1 TV set
• Apple PowerMac G5 PSU
• Toshiba 42WL58A LCD TV
• Rudeness doesn't pay

Chaos theory, as I have discovered, works brilliantly when applied to my line of work. For example, I recently had not one but several Denon AVR-1604 AV tuner/sound theatre systems come in dead. In each case, only the standby LED would come on. And again in each case, I reset the microprocessor by pressing the speaker A and B buttons together while powering on and this completely fixed the problem. But why?

Well, why not? It’s chaos theory to the rescue!

LG DVD recorder

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On a similar theme, I was recently called out to an LG DVD Recorder/VCR (Model RC195), its owner complaining that he couldn’t record sound. This is a hifi VCR and I quickly discovered that it not only couldn’t record sound but couldn’t erase previously recorded sound either.

I opened it up but could find nothing wrong with the mechanics. This machine was in an entertainment unit and the mains power lead was stretched to its maximum which meant it was very difficult for me to work on the unit. Eventually, the inevitable happened and the power cord was pulled out of its socket and when I replaced it, I found that the fault was “fixed”. And no matter what I did, the unit now continued to work correctly.

That wasn’t quite the end of the story though, as the same fault reoccurred again some three months later. Unplugging the unit from the power socket again fixed the fault and this time I advised the client to get a surge-protected power board to use with the unit. But “why?”. Simple – its just chaos theory in action again.

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