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Voltage Interceptor For Cars With ECUs

At one time, the sensors in cars with engine management were regarded as untouchable. But now you can change the signal response of many of the sensors to improve your car's driveability, throttle response, handling and so on. This voltage interceptor allows you modify and program the response of any voltage sensor in your car, without prejudicing reliability or affecting the ECU in any way. Use it for restoring correct air/fuel ratios after engine modifications, preventing turbo boost cuts or altering sensor signals for improved driveability.

Pt.1: By John Clarke

Main Features

• Output follows input plus adjustment value

• Programmed using a pushbutton controller

• Easy installation

• Works with sensors with voltage outputs

• Adjustable sensitivity

• Smooth transition between adjacent output points

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Fig.1: the Voltage Interceptor is installed immediately after the sensor and modifies the sensor’s signal before it is fed to the ECU.

Modern cars have lots of sens­ors to closely monitor the engine and other systems and they provide information to the ECU (Engine Control Unit). In turn, the ECU controls the fuel injectors and ignition timing, based on this information.

Some of the sensors you can intercept and modify include the airflow meter, oxygen sensor, accelerometers (or G force sensors) used in stability control and active 4-wheel drive systems and the throttle position sensor (TPS). For cars with an electric throttle rather than a throttle cable, modification of the TPS signal can transform the way the car drives.

For example, you can alter the signal so that there is less pedal travel required to provide more throttle. This will make the car behave as though it has more power.

Alternatively, the signal can be altered so that more pedal travel is required for throttle openings only at smaller throttle settings. This could make the car a lot smoother when moving off and make it safer to drive in wet and slippery conditions.

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