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Serviceman's Log

Thanks for the dodgy memory - not

Items Covered This Month

• Laptop memory butchery

• A dangerous fan

• Light dependent diode

• Playing doctors & nurses

• GMC/Homelite 1kV generator

It’s not unusual for people to reject our quotes for new computers and instead buy from the big retail stores. That’s because there is no way we can match the store’s buying power, although we can offer superior support. Despite that, many of our clients do choose to pay a bit extra just to have good service back-up.

However, loyal customers become scarce in times of recession and I can’t blame anyone for going elsewhere and saving what can often be a few hundred dollars on a new PC. In one such case, a client procrastinated over a laptop sale and after a lot of thought, he finally decided to go elsewhere and pay less. He even managed to better the deal there by getting more RAM installed at no extra charge, which many shops will do these days in order to secure the sale.

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Unfortunately though, it didn’t all go smoothly for him and a few months later he was back in our reception area, bemoaning the service he’d received and eating crow. The machine was playing up and he was willing to pay whatever it took to get the thing going properly again. And he swore (literally) that he’d never go back to that other place.

The symptoms were that it would spontaneously shut down, sometimes with movement or a tap on the side, sometimes without. He had taken it back more times than he could remember and after much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, they had replaced the hard drive and motherboard. This didn’t fix the problem though and the laptop still continually shut down.

So why didn’t they just do what I would have done and given him a new one? Experience has shown that you sometimes just get a bad egg and no matter what you do, it will never work properly. In the end, it is really no skin off our (or their) noses, as the manufacturer simply replaces it in good faith and take cares of the old one, probably by throwing it into a skip.

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