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World Record 111-Gigapixel Photograph

When it was "taken" late last year, the photo above of the city of Seville, Spain, was a world record at 111 gigapixels. If printed out, it would be bigger than two football fields. And you can zoom in to show amazing detail. But shooting such a photo was no mean feat...

By Ross Tester

Lest we be accused of the bearers of old news, this photo is no longer the world record holder – that honour (currently!) goes to a similar type of photo of Shanghai, China, at 120 gigapixels.

We thought the story of the Seville photo was really interesting and if SILICON CHIP readers wanted to do the same thing for their fair city, it will give you some idea of the trials and tribulations involved!

Before we get too far into the story, perhaps you’d like to have a look at the photo (and have a play). You’ll find it at–en.htm.

OK, back again? I’ll bet you just wasted an hour or so, right?

Sevila 111

The photographers, José Manuel Dominguez and Pablo Pompa, wanted to capture the magic and charm of their home city and make it available for people around the world. The result of several months of work was, when completed, the largest panoramic photograph in the world – 613,376 by 181,248 pixels.

The project was commenced in March 2010 with the selection of a suitable site from which to photograph the city. After examining and rejecting several sites, the Torre Schindler (a 60m-high observation tower on the banks of the Guadalquivir River) was chosen.

As well as offering a solid platform on which to mount the camera gear, it offered a 290° view of the city from not-too-far away from the centre of the city.

The downside was that the tower was being refurbished at the time, so instead of a high-speed lift to the top, they had to carry everything up 16 stories – and of course, back down again.

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