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Serviceman's Log

Repairing a damaged home alarm system

by the Serviceman

For those who aren’t aware, my home town of Christchurch gets mighty cold during the winter (which usually lasts about 11 months of the year). And this past winter has been especially harsh for those with quake-damaged homes missing a roof or sporting temporary walls made of industrial cling-film and tar-paper.

While our house escaped physical punishment, it does get cold, which is partly why Mrs Serviceman and I decided to install heat pumps this year. We’ve relied on a pellet fire for years but have lately fallen out of love with it due to the hassle of sourcing and lugging around heavy bags of fuel – not to mention the ever-growing expense of keeping it fed.

Power cuts notwithstanding, heat pumps seemed to be the best bet with their high efficiency and low emissions – just right for a city beset with a sputtering power infrastructure and historical smog problems. And so that’s what we decided to do. We went with a large local company not only because of their reputation, but because for years Chris, the company’s owner, and I trained at the same Aikido club.

Items Covered This Month

• Faulty home alarm system

• The obsolete A: drive

• dB Technologies Opera 210 powered loudspeaker system

• Fridge temperature control module

*Dave Thompson, runs PC Anytime in Christchurch, NZ.

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