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When will road tunnels get DAB+ reception?

I have just read your Publisher’s Letter in the October 2011 issue. I feel absolutely vindicated that someone of authority has finally spoken up about the poor reception problems with DAB+; so much so that when I read the fifth paragraph, it was as though I was reading my Mailbag letter from August 2010. I hope it finally silences my critics.

To use a really bad choice of words, DAB+ is OK in a “static” environment but poor on the move.

Another point, how are the radio authorities planning on getting DAB+ to work in tunnels? It has been more than two years since the official launch of DAB+ and there is no reception in any tunnel in Sydney.

Simon Kareh,
Penshurst, NSW.

Rising electricity tariffs are the problem

With regard to your article “Can You Really Reduce Your Electricity Bill” in the September 2011 issue, I find it important to say that reducing one’s electricity bill is impossible to do. Well maybe in the short term yes – however, get enough people to reduce their electricity bill, or better reduce their electricity consumption, and the electricity tariff will go up and we are then back to where we were.

I find all this talk about “Reducing Your Electricity Bill” as either misleading or even false advertising. People are being “lulled” into buying new gear and gadgets to attempt reducing their electricity bill. So what we are really doing is putting more pollution into our environment by producing and selling all this “useless” gear (your comment as well).

I would have less objection if your article was entitled “Can You Really Reduce Your Electricity Consumption” but then again who would read it if the mighty dollar was not involved.

If we really want to reduce the electricity bill then there has to be legislation to stop tariff hikes!

Werner Hahling,
Townsville, Qld.

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