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Interplanetary Voice... and never be caught out, out of your galaxy... again!

Impersonate a Robot, a Droid or one of the many known interplanetary aliens such as Daleks, Cybermen, Klingons, Cylons or even Darth Vader... build this

By John (call me ET) Clarke

If you don’t want to cause a faux- pas of interplanetary proportions (perhaps even threatening life on Earth as we know it), having a correct sounding voice is a prerequisite if you are communicating with one of the myriad of science fiction characters that originate from extraterrestrial planets. Many of these characters are encapsulated in a metallic suit and not surprisingly have a metallic sounding voice.

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It is not uncommon for people on planet Earth to be aware of interplanetary aliens.

They will know of the Daleks who originate from the planet Skaro and the Cybermen from Mondas. These characters are often portrayed in the TV series Dr Who.

Undoubtedly, many will have heard (and for some the very last thing they hear) the terrifying and menacing phrase from the Daleks as they call out “exterminate, exterminate”.

Other characters well known to the general public on the planet Earth include; the Klingons from Star Trek, Cylons from Battlestar Galactica and Darth Vader from Star Wars.

We will surely be exposed to more characters of this type as we come to explore more planets in the Galaxy and beyond.

One unfortunate characteristic of humans from the planet Earth is that they do not have the right sounding voice. Because of this, they are unable to communicate effectively with these interplanetary characters.

You really require a voice changer to convert a normally boring humanoid voice into a strongly metallic version. In this way your voice can be well understood with all manner of creatures you may encounter from other planets.

In the past, SILICON CHIP has assisted you with voice modifications by publishing several metallic voice changer projects.

There have been two “Vader Voice” projects, one in September 1988 and the other in September 1995. A “Galactic Voice” was published in September 2006 and now we have (drum roll, if you please!) “Interplanetary Voice”.

Interplanetary Voice is unique. It stands out as superior amongst these past projects and it is not because this project is published in a month other than September.

Instead of generating sounds with non-specialised Integrated Circuits (ICs) as was the case for previous designs, Interplanetary Voice uses a dedicated voice changer IC, which produces a variety of magnificent metallic voice sounds.

Undoubtedly, aliens from other planets use a similar voice changer IC. As we know, most ICs on planet Earth use a silicon-based semiconductor material but we suspect that the voice changer IC used by aliens is based on a semiconductor that differs from silicon.

Not to worry though, because the silicon version of the voice changer does the job just as well as any of the alien versions; in fact, without evidence to the contrary, it could even be better.

Interplanetary Voice is made in such a way that all you need to do is speak into it with a normal voice. Interplanetary Voice will do the conversion for you, producing a metallically accented sound via a loudspeaker.

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