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Comments on Publisher’s Letter in the June issue

With respect to the Publisher’s Letter in the June 2012 issue, I totally agree with his comments about poor rear vision in many of today’s cars. It’s worse than some cars back in the 1950s. Best vision we have ever had was a 1982 Toyota Corona and a 1983 Fairlane. You could see everything.

I was intrigued with the letter from Hans Moll entitled “LED replacement lamps work well” and his hassles with interference from dimmer-controlled lights. He bemoaned the fact that “No one has any suggestions as to how to overcome this interference”.

What? No-one? This problem is as old as Methuselah and its due largely to the minimalist design of the dimmers. As I recall, Electronics Australia did a design some time back to correct this and many years ago when I was building Triac-controlled speed controllers for drills, the addition of a choke and some capacitors cured the problem. How about re-publishing the design for old-time’s sake? This brings me to a big whinge. We went through a period where the Government flogged us to death about C-Ticks etc so that we would have equipment that would be certified not to emit any EMI. I have DVD and CD players which emit so much EMI that I can not use an AM tuner in the same cabinet when they are on but not fully in use. They have a C-Tick though! As usual, it’s another useless Government initiative.

In the “Ask SILICON CHIP” pages of the same issue, you had a brilliant response to R. P. Horley, in the UK, about his “improvements” to the Ultra-LD Mk.2 Amplifier. Apart from the issues you referred to, what about the speakers in use to audition the changes, how good are his ears, etc, etc? Tests such as he seems to have done cannot detect the change he is talking about; it is humanly impossible.

Keep up the good work.

Ranald Grant,

Bellbowrie, Qld.

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