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The SC480 50W RMS Amplifier Module - Part 2

Everything you need to know about putting together this outstanding new power amplifier module (covers both versions).

By Peter Smith and Leo Simpson

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The two versions of the SC480 amplifier: on the left is what could be called the direct replacement of the ETI-480, with the same TO-3 output transistors (2N3055/2955). Performance, though, is streets ahead. On the right is the "plastic" version using TIP3055/2955 output transistors. These are easier to mount to a heatsink than the TO-3 variety.

As discussed last month, there is a choice of two
modules; one with plastic power output transistors (Version 1) or with TO-3 metal encapsulated output transistors (Version 2).

At this stage, it is likely that Version 2 will be available from all major kitset suppliers, while at least one supplier has indicated that they will be selling both versions.

Both modules are straightforward to assemble but the transistor mounting details differ considerably between the versions. Therefore, we'll begin by describing the assembly of parts common to both versions.

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