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The Micromitter Stereo FM Transmitter

At last!- a stereo FM transmitter that's a snack to align.

By John Clarke

Main Features
  • Very compact
  • Battery or plugpack operation
  • Stereo transmission
  • Standard FM tuner required to receive transmission
  • Crystal locked operation
  • 14 selectable transmission frequencies

This new stereo FM Micromitter is capable of broadcasting good quality signals over a range of about 20 metres. It's ideal for broadcasting music from a CD player or from any other source so that it can be picked up in another location.

For example, if you don't have a CD player in you car, you can use the Micromitter to broadcast signals from a portable CD player to your car's radio. Alternatively, you might want to use the Micromitter to broadcast signals from your lounge-room CD player to an FM receiver located in another part of the house or by the pool.

Because it's based on a single IC, this unit is a snack to build and fits easily into a small plastic utility box. It broadcasts on the FM band (ie, 88-108MHz) so that its signal can be received on any standard FM tuner or portable radio.

However, unlike previous FM transmitters published in SILICON CHIP, this new design is not continuously variable over the FM broadcast band. Instead, a 4-way DIP switch is used to select one of 14 preset frequencies. These are available in two ranges covering from 87.7-88.9MHz and 106.7-107.9MHz in 0.2MHz steps.

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