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Book Review:Motor Home Electrics & Caravans Too!, by Collyn Rivers.

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Self-published 2002. Spiral bound, 296 x 210mm, 102 pages. ISBN 0 9578965 14. $42.50

Anyone who has been an electronics enthusiast over the past 30 years or so will be well aware of Collyn Rivers. He was the founding editor of "Electronics Today International" (ETI) magazine which went on to have a number of very successful editions in the UK and elsewhere, as well as being very successful in Australia. With that sort of background you can expect that he has put together a comprehensive but succinct guide to caravan electrics.

The subject is not rocket science but there are a lot of myths and wrong information afield and Collyn has done a good job of setting the record straight.

There are 30 chapters in all, plus four appendices. Collyn starts out by defining the essence of the problem - storing and extracting the maximum amount of energy from lead acid batteries, while ensuring that they give as many years of use as possible. The problems are the same whether you are running a solar-powered home in a remote location, a motor home, caravan or boat. Collyn also goes on to discuss alternators, voltage regulators, solar panels, wind generators and regulators.

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