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Canon's EOS-1Ds 11.1 Megapixel Camera

And we thought 6 megapixels was big news!

Canon Australia has announced the launch of the EOS-1Ds, the world's highest resolution digital camera for the professional photographer.

Featuring the world's first full frame 35mm CMOS sensor with 11.1 million effective pixels, the EOS-1Ds is suitable for a range of professional uses including studio, commercial, photo journalism and fashion photography.

"For years, photographers have talked about the "Holy Grail" of digital SLR cameras: high resolution and full 35mm format sensor. The EOS-1Ds achieves this" said Scott Jackson of Canon Australia.

Canon's ground breaking CMOS technologies have allowed massive advances in resolution and functional features in the EOS-1Ds.

The full-frame CMOS sensor, for example, is the same size and aspect ratio as 35mm film but now allows ultra-high resolution in the SLR format - delivering almost twice the resolution offered in today's professional digital SLR market. The sensor also enables unprecedented digital use of wide-angle lenses without any focal length magnification. Another benefit is the sensor's high signal to noise ratio that minimises image noise.

The EOS-1Ds delivers high quality images, superior colour reproduction and an extensive tonal range to produce pictures of equal or higher quality than the 35mm slide film traditionally favoured by professionals. Even at the highest quality setting, the EOS-1Ds can capture images at around three frames per second for a ten-frame burst.

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